Sunday, March 2, 2008


Previously my coursemate call me "idol" because im the biomedic idol in the competition during my first year orientation - "get-to-know-you" week.
all of us split into 10 groups, we carry out a lot of activities like treasure hunt, sukaneka and other, it was a really memorable time because we all were not really know each other.
my group was the last group.
got rahman as our leader, arif, tsu shan and idah.
rahman is a good leader i suppose.
our slogan became very powerful once it was shouted by him. His voice is damn loud. =.=
in the biomedic idol, each group must send one boy and one girl to join the competition.
arif was the boy and im the girl.
this situation happened because idah was having sore throat that time. and i was the only girl left in the group.

that night, i sing "mimpi" by daniel lee, our 2nd malaysian idol.
this one is a personal choice.
because ah soon like this song very much when we in 6.3A.

then, i won.
with my voice. no music.

the price was ----a bread =.=

i still can remember how the senior tease me about the bread. hehe~

since then, they call me idol.

after i start to write blog, msn, friendster and everything, .
they start to call me shmily

i still remember how ah soon look when i tell him that it is a secret code.
and he almost broke my secret code.
should i place a bet?
secret code
will never be break
until the end