Sunday, April 26, 2009

My lovely Batu Pahat, Johor in 10 hours

My current topics keep circle around my sleeping period...

okay, sleep at 5.30am,
Transnational bus at 4pm,
reach BP at 8pm i guess.....

Wkeong also will back BP around 12pm,
too bad cant meet him =P

My biomedic 2nd yr now is officially finished!
I think i had done my best for my study,
if still cant get a proper result, then i also "bo bian".....
For relationships, sorry if i've done any wrong to you, any "you",
thank you for being my friend =)

Cook my last Sardin canned food & mee,
pack my another 30% of stuff,
return the room key,
go to Pudu bus station,
step on the land of BP & waiting all my loved people come back.

Je t'aime.....=)

25th April 2009

I forgot to post this earlier....
so the sequence a bit out of track...

Nvr mind...

0kay...i slept at 8am,
receive sister's home call at 11am,
sleep again until 1pm,
where Ssien come and knock my door and also burst my sweat dream,
SQie ask us want to go Mid Valley for Kim Gary?
i say : Yeah!

SQie later showed at my room,
gossip...gossip...& gossip.... its secret....hehe.... =P
until 2pm,
i go wash my laundry & take bath...
no time for packing... =.=
coz 3pm they already wait me at the commuter bus....

My eyes are really sepet now.....
Kim Gary also do the same job as Chili's : stomach bloating....
Then, i found that other people are very keen on searching my white dress for fac night =.= Bshui also you know....a guy.....
So embarrassed!!!
hehe...but i haven't decide my song and also the genre of the attire...hehe..
so the dress still in KIV =P
Fashion week in Mid Valley makes it very crowdy....
Back hostel around 10pm,
take stuff to recycling campaign for merit sake, i want to stay kolej until final year leh...
and now it is 5am =)

Yeah, another sleepless night!

Twilight chinese translated ebook found!!

Twilight chinese translated ebook found!!
i mean 4 of the books =)
i want to jump now!~!

Here it is =)
Twilight 暮光之城 中文完整版


My coming 4th Sem Break

26th, im going back to my lovely BP =)
although Cgee, Speng, Supeng, kangning are not here...
this kinda make me sad...coz we cant gather like last time...
Huiying is back! yay~~!
i want a full sisters' attendance gathering leh....

For those who LI aka Latihan Industri / Industrial Training,
wish you all the best! hehehe...who knows what will happen...hehehe...

and Yong May will also back Malaysia!!
end of june!!
Gathering, gathering, gathering, gathering!!!!
at that time, siew also will back from Indonesia too =D

Its going to be my 3rd yr starting next sem,
i hope everything will goes well,
  1. i may choose to do my industrial training at hometown, BP.
  2. Taking Korean / Japan / French language as elective course,
  3. "harass" a particular person =) Hope he wun get mad for this....hehe...but actually cant harass him anymore coz Jo will move out next sem & our social circle dun have overlapping areas =P
  4. Sing my favorite song at Faculty Night, dress in white maybe?
  5. Take a granddaughter / grandson? =) (Rwen, make sure he / she got car okay?)
  6. Attend CAD aka Chinese Annual Dinner, i hope this time CAD will get a theme for the attire....hehe...for example like....Cosplay? Mask? Red? Cartoon? hehe...figure out an interesting theme kay?? hehe....
  7. and TWILIGHT NEW MOON!!!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Outing in crazy version

Seriously, i dun have the mood to study immuno,
coz we planned to go Mid Valley right after that.
Then, the bloody hell Immuno got 60 MCQs and 4 Essay (each 15 marks),
no enough time to write all the point + elaboration!!
So, i just do Brief essay...means just few words...
Dun get me wrong, points still there,
i still can get marks from them okay.

Wait bus to KTM until 7pm,
2 hours just for waiting process......
8pm starts our dinner or even the only meal of the day at Chili's!
Mine is Chicken Crispers and Chocolate banana drink!
They give me a bloating stomach.....
Watch fashion week + celebration of 30th of "A cut above" at Mid Valley,
can see a lot of celebrities and famous ppl, but i dun recognise any of them...sad..
Okay, back to topic.
Then, reach kolej around 11pm,
online watch the uploaded Entertainment Tonight of Twilight interview at youtube,
more interview about Twilight will come up tmr!!!

The one who really shocked me is Mei yin..
she ask me for the Twilight movie!
across the sea from UNIMAS to UPM!
but failed to send to her through msn.......i think she can view from ppstream...hehe....=)
Rupa-rupanya, my msn personal msg din contribute to some Twilight effect,
as Mei yin saw my Twilight personal msg all the time in msn,
when her roommate/ housemate tell her the story,
she say : i want to watch it tonight!

After that is our band performance at Fac night,
according to khalil, we can do ROCK songs!!
and we are going to form a 30 mintues singing performance from every course,
Sonia - our K17 idol is on the list!
i hope this time it will be a great performance =)

Then, we went
- Setapak for fried kueh tiao! (you know how far is Setapak from UPM?! Im shocked as i saw the board written with "Kolej Tunku Abdul Rahman" =O )
- Bukit Ampang for night scene viewing.....actually its a dawn...
- Seri Kembangan for mamak stall breakfast.....
Guess what time we reach kolej?
Its 7am!
i din sleep for the whole night!
my eyes are swollen and become a real sepet.... =.=

But, it was FUN!!!
included the Mid Valley dinner =)
End my 4th sem happily, thanks guys!!!
love you all!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Happy birthday Jo!


Yeah, its been 2 years we been course mate,
i'm really happy to have you and bob as friend...
You guys are kool~!
Been through the moment of laughing & fighting...
no one understand it better than myself how is this so precious for me...

All the best to you, J0!
i know you can do it!
expand your life to the fullness & the wildness!
All the best to you, Bob!
Bob is the great!

Biomedic rocks!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Keyshia Cole - Love

Oh, love,
never knew what i was missing,
but i knew once we started kissin'
i found....
never knew what i was missing,
but i knew once we started kissin'
i found......

Monday, April 20, 2009


对不起~!! (加上眼泪鼻涕)
如果有恶到你们就Sorry 咯。。。



Saturday, April 18, 2009

Ellegarden beside mutated mushrooms

Love Ellegarden!!!
they rocks!!!
they r the only band i wun bored of listening their songs!!

Actually what i want to say is "hit da club babe!"
Final exam look like a BIG MUTATED MUSHROOM on my chocolate indulgence cake....
gross... want to puke when think about it...

Luckily, my pharmaco got A!!
ya know? A! not A-!
the MUSHROOM shrink smaller now....

and tmr is the outing day!
Karaoke again!
im going to break all windows in Greenbox tmr i swear
okay, the MUSHROOM kecut into my handphone size now...

next week is another TWO BIG MUTATED MUSHROOM.....
sorry Ellegarden,
put you guys beside my mutated mushrooms...sorry....

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Twilight 的观后感

用了十个小时看完Twilight 的 ebook,


我的生活 没有意义了。。。
工作, 结婚, 生子, 享老, 然后说拜拜

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sushi King, The Mines & extended twilight fever

We are CR@ZY!!!
After Pharmaco test, CT ask us "want to go Sushi king?"
i was like "NOW?? OMG!!! Yesah!!"

Currently Sushi king having the RM2 bonanza~
with a happy mood, we go to The Mines...
I drop by a DVD shop before head to Sushi King, and guess what?
TWILIGHT DVD!!! yum yum~~~
but it is not the version i want, it is just normal movie ver

I want that bloody hell 2 disc special edition Twiligh
Which got the 5 extended scene, 5 deleted sc
ene, music video, interview, and more~!!
Last night, yes, before i start my pharmaco final exam revision,
i just convince a person to join the Twilight fanatic club, hahahah~!
and i keep resisting myself from open the ebook of Twilight....
i knew.....once i read them, i wun stop....
non-stop until my final exam go to longkang as well as my CGPA....hohohoho....

Okay, now is the serious story.
The Sushi King is offering cheap food to us
i mean those normal price RM2 and RM3,
majority of the RM4 and above seen on the belt!
and they just give us that bloody hell 40 minutes to eat!

Lilyfly says last time is not like this,
last time she eat 2 hours and she ate all those purple color plate (RM6 normal price de),
she say last time got everything, got salmon,
got sotong, got fried tempura and more!
and this time....i am not happy to Sushi king liao,
i spent RM16 just to feel the taste of disappointment =.=

We meet Kak fizah, atikah n kak as when we heading to the car,
kak fizah invite us to have Karaoke,
and definitely i say Yes!
It was fun! we all dancing on the sofa and sing like hell!

Me and kak fizah keep discussing what should we do during fac night,
since the theme is "Black and White",
should we do something gothic?
something rock?
omg, there are lots of idea in my head now and i can't wait to bring them out!
actually im nervous bout the performance since it will be around few hundread or thousands of people there.....

Right before Pharmaco final exam

here i am,
6 and half hours to pharmacology final exam...
and i just read through some of them,
some of them,
need to score 60 out of 100,
i duno,
my mind keep thinking how the lecturers will play fool of us tomorrow after so many tips given out =.=
and yes
i want that KNS Twilight special edition DVD after i back!!

and you!
damn you keep making fun of me
i just kidding and u do that in "public",
for me that means public, okay?!
i bet u already say it out,
oh gosh, who can dig a hole for me.....................................................

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Twilight fever

Seriously, i dun understand why everyone around me CRAZY about Twilight,
even my roommate, my course mates and my friends are screaming for it....
kak fizah has the "Decode" from Paramore (Soundtrack of Twilight) as her phone ring tone,
some people (as far as i observed) have Twilight as the Wallpaper, laptop background and whatever,
One of my friend have the four book of Twilight,
i mean real book.

I browse through the internet,
Twilighters, twilighters and twilighters...
fan site all over the world,
people even make parody video and music video of it!

So, after i take movies from Bob,
and filter some of them of course, ahem....
Ahah! Twilight.....with Italian subtitle....what the xxxx

So, i immediately sms ysim, asked her whether she got Twilight with eng sub or chinese sub,
and she say YES!
YES! With my Adrenaline rush, i rocket to her place,
copy the whole thing and rocket back my room =) i understand why they all fanatic about this twilight,
cause im joining them now, wakakakaka
however, i was like "HUh?"
"why suddenly he likes her?"
"why suddenly she likes him pulak?"
and more suddenly going on......

Thanks to Hying, my love and my dear,
sending me the ebook of the twilight saga, muaks! love you...

If anyone of you interested in the whole series of Twilight saga,
just find me and say "hi, can i have the ebook of twilight"
i will be like "sure! why not! just gimme ur email or send through msn =)" moon..........................eclipse.......................breaking dawn....

From the official website of Stephenie Meyer, i got a draft of the Midnight Sun
which is the Edward version of Twilight, YOOHOO!!!
but......due to some issue, she decide to stop it,
and she said until no one remember about Midnight Sun,
then she might proceed to it....
enjoying the taste of disappointment now~~~

Some scene in the Twilight movie are damn funny!
Its like awkward!!
Especially the scene starting from Bella telling Edward that she know who he is until the scene where Edward say some lion fall in love with the little lamb stuff
But, i AM very excited to watch the next movie - Twilight New Moon
Its going on cinema soon!
i mean within this year lah

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

je t'aime

est-ce que je vous aimer,
je veux vraiment peux vous aime?
est-il vrai que ma voix soit très mélodieuse?
trente minutes exécution, je veux me comporter bien,
je veux vous montrer, je t'aime.............

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Whine up?

Found an interesting video in youtube,
Lady Gaga versus Kat Deluna in Dance up.
The remix is better than the original songs in my point of view =)

Lady Gaga vs Kat Deluna - Dance up

Enjoy it so much!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Papua New Guinea

因为它是我Management class 的assignment,
花了这么多心血去弄美美,去edit 各种各样的video,
把整个power point 弄到。。。。到。。。。美若天仙。。。。


Wish you all the best! Papua New Guinea!