Monday, December 19, 2011


This blog is closing down.
All my update will be at my tumblr. hehe...

Friday, September 30, 2011

Tumblrrrrrr shooting

Guys, i've been inactive in blogging for sooooo long.
Just don't feel like to write something long and naggy you know.
So, i turn to TUMBLR!

Blogger makes me feel very "diary" or "reporting" for all this while.
Not an exact place for me to pop out my outrageous idea. HAHAHA kidding.
But i still like here.
Too many things happened in the past few months since my post grad life started.
Too much to tell & too much to write them down.

Big big occasion will updated with details over here in the future for sure!
Daily life basis or some naughty thingy will be over there. Hehe...see you there!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

bersihkan lab mouse life

If you got my facebook, sure you'll know i've been updating the BERSIH latest news lately.
Why? I'm not actually interested in what they're doing but i'm seriously don't like how the government treat its nation, like we are some kind of puppet.
People wants peace, wants improvement, wants democracy, wants transparency. It is something too much for us to ask for?
Media, man power, money, system, EVERYTHING are in their hands and shape us whatever they like us to be.
We've been resilient, tolerant, obedient, mouth-shutting for how many years? Most of the people don't understand what is happening around us cause we choose to shut our eyes, our ears, our mouth up and pray for the "justice" or "equal".
If all of us are satisfied, why we react so grateful and happy when "equal" and "fair" are shown in our daily life?
I am not confident in Malaysia. Yes, this is my country. I love it. I love everyone, I enjoy being a Malaysian, mixing around, experiencing different culture and different food, but hey, are you trusting Malaysia's education system? political system? or should I ask "are you confident with our own systems?"
Huhh...sorry for all the craps.

Lab mouse chapter.
Yes. I am officially a lab mouse right now. Believe me or not, i am a lazy bum. You push me, then I will move a step.
You put a lot of pressure on me, I will move a mile away. 
That is what happened for me in these recent 2 weeks.
My boss went to Germany for the Nobel laureates something something and my ladies boss went Hong Kong.
You would think that "Wah, so nice hor, got 2 weeks holiday leh!"
Sorry loh. My bosses sent me a very, absolutely, definitely clear message that they want to see some progression when they are back in Malaysia next Monday.

Before they left Malaysia, my ladies boss asked :[Kai Leng, have you read the papers I gave me last time?]
Guys, the last time is 2 months ago. 
I replied [Umm...i read them but i'm not really understand it....]
[Kai Leng, I've been listening to this answer for many weeks, what you've been doing?!]

and my boss sent me an email after he left Malaysia.
[You need to do following things......bla bla bla... Make sure you get all the information in hand by 11 July 2011.]
I print screen and put it on my desktop to remind me the tasks I need to do before they are back.
So, am I still in vacation right now?
I picked up the coffee I quit one year ago and keep convincing myself that I AM MOTIVATED, NOT STRESSED! Hahahahahhaha! Anyway, I am truly enjoy my lab mouse life =) Cheers!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Finale of my Biomedical science degree life

  1. Fancy outing? CHECKED
  2. Fancy food? CHECKED
  3. Fancy job secured? CHECKED
  4. Drunk by drinking korean soju and rice wine? CHECKED
  5. Maintained moderate cgpa? CHECKED
  6. Played hard? CHECKED
  7. Get to know someone cool? CHECKED
  8. Harmonized with coursemates? CHECKED
  9. Did what i want? CHECKED
  10. Study hard? CHECKED
  11. Explored new stuff within myself? CHECKED
  12. Did something desperately? CHECKED
  13. Volunteered something? CHECKED
  14. Learnt new language? CHECKED
  15. Organized activities? either suka-rela or paksa-rela... CHECKED
  16. Internet + laptop skills? CHECKED
  17. Tears and laughters? CHECKED
  18. Dance? CHECKED
  19. Soul mates found? CHECKED
  20. Band vocalist?CHECKED
  21. Clubbing/ pub-ing? CHECKED
  22. Vacation? CHECKED
  23. Hurt someone? CHECKED
  24. NO regrets? CHECKED.
End of my degree chapter. Let's start a brand new chapter babe!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Roller coaster chapter 1

Life is such a roller coaster and i'm just a passenger on it.
Decided to work as normal worker without any ambitious or any major plan in 2 years,
however, here i am. Go back to the research path.
Surprisingly, everything seems natural for me.
Before this, i was like - "either hometown and take care of my family or KL area and truly join the battle field."
Either dormant or active, that's all.

I think everything changed, starting on the moment i apply for the master project.
Unexpected, seriously.
First thought was just want to try my luck.
Accepted to work on this master project is largely due to my animated slide presentation.
That's another luck-trying. Luckily, it was not as bad as i thought it to be.
right now i'm still in disbelief. man....i'm going to further study.
Sincerely thanks my course mates for letting me move in to their house.

Flash back to the interview. I made some pretty stupid mistakes.

[So, do you have any other question?]
 Ya, i'm not sure i can come in June, cause i still haven't find housing.

[Well, you can ask those postgrads out there........old flat......K12......]
Yeah, but i also need to find transport cause i don't have transport.
[Well, bus services from old flat, UPM...equine park.............]
I was nodding my head for the entire session. In the end, i think he quite annoyed with this "problem" and said
[These are not an obstacle for you at all..............] etc tec
I was "yeah", "u-huh, u-huh", and Dr Cheah was observing me all the time while Dr Michael Ling did all the talking.

Then, come back to the same question.
[Do you have any other questions?]
I said "ya, so basically i will do all the reading etc etc in the first month, then start to do work on the second month?"and also "What time should i come for the lab? 9am??" and so on.

After a 5 hours nap, i started to roll my brain when i did my laundary.
"stupid me....holy was so unnecessary....bugging bout housing, transport & blah blah blah, oh shit...." was the only thing i got. 
I did it badly, it's so sad. I could have handled it better. 

My brain just jammed up and can't roll like it used to be. 

Blame it to the acute (2 weeks) sleep deprivation.

I'm going to have a Nigerian who published 4 papers as a degree holder and a Moroccan as teammates.
I was so traumatized till i can't help to keep thinking to improve myself.
I admit that i'm the worst in the neuroscience team. That's so sad.

Told my roommate bout this whole stuff yesterday.
[For the whole 6 months, they are going to shake their heads and go "tsk tsk tsk..." to me] I said.
[Try your best, you can do it, keep improving....] my roommate said.
then she asked [What's your mum's reaction bout this?]

Sadly, my mum was so tired and can't processed my words. 

In brief, my mum said [Find a house first lah, then see how loh, as long as you can provide yourself a meal, its okay...]
I said [but mum...i want MONEY....MONEY LEH.....]
[I also want money ah, but you sendiri decide lah]
 So, basically, i'm on myself now.

I want to do research with a great pay. Money is my ultimate goal. You can call me materialistic or money-faced, but i'm loved money. That's the truth of me.
Meh......going to work it out anyway. 
Since i'm on the battle field, let's fight for our meals babe!

P.S: Siew, korea trip might postponed oh....sorry...
Sisters, let meet up in June/July ya!