Friday, October 30, 2009

Bump To These Fresh K-Pop Remixes!

Bump To These Fresh K-Pop Remixes!

I just found a brand new remix!! argh!! im crazy over them!!
He made so many remix or mashup for current K-pop hit songs!
but the most i like is the SHINee - RING DING DONG mashup <333
THere are SHINee, 2pm, G-dragon, SNSD chocolate love CL, Sandara park, Clazziquai, 4 minutes, Big Bang, Kara and more!!


지드래곤 - 버터플라이 리믹스 (ft. 산다라, 진정) / G-Dragon - Butterfly Remix

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Top 30 Hottest Hunk in Malaysia 23 Oct 2009

Its Hunks time!

Let the pictures tell the tales.

Dayana with her bling-bling outfit + bling-bling eyelashes...

Me with the freshly bought top.
Top from Next shop, Hairstyle by Nana Lana.

Top 12 Hunks. Too bad only can see their back but they are hot!

This is our main purpose: support the opening dance by Urban Groove and the contestant no.29 (the boss of UG)

Its dayana's coupled fren, they are damn tall man....

Summary: I hope there is swimsuit session u know....haih...but really enjoy the show!

First Ladies Night at Euphoria, Ministry of Sound, Sunway pyramid

Seriously forgot to update my night life here, haha...
eh hem! sorry, i dun have night life k, its just a trial before the real event which is the Top 30 Hottest Huks in Malaysia.
Why? coz the event was held at the same place, so....we decided to go to the Ladies Night and see the situation there and we wun look like NERD during the event loh, haha....

yeap, u got it right, its Chivas babe...

We left K17 as we nearly choked to death in the fog coz they do the fogging to the entire kolej, aih, its a disaster.....
Reach there way later than what we planned, after we shop at the next shop and eat McD.
We heading to the Euphoria.
Guess what? we are too early one one dance...shyt..we are truly nerd la, ahhaha....
So, we go to Coco Banana, but....with all the smoke and the ladies night start at 11pm, we go back to Euphoria pula XD
Waiting.......waiting....then baru got ppl start to dance, all the fun just started and its time for Cinderellas to going we fetch Cinderellas back K17.
3 of us are so depressed as we just started to get fun, so, we head back to dance AGAIN!! muahaha!

3 little restless rats

Front view of Euphoria....

Through this "trip" as i witnessed some hentaiand weird thing, i've this conclusion : I prefer pub.



自己加一個問題然後傳給10個人... ( 我可以不要点人吗。。。)

不寫幸福就會跑掉喔.. ( 这个statement 很假咯。。)

誰傳給你的: 《停开》
生日想要得到什麼禮物: 什么都可以,只要不是很恶的东西就可以了
近期開心的是:ONLINE + dance!
未來想做什麼: 赚钱,钱钱钱!
同學會要回去找老師嗎: 应该会吧
跟誰出去最幸福:家人 =)
跟情人出去最想去哪: 不知道
最喜歡的一首歌(女生的):Lady Collection "peeking - melancholy talk"
最喜歡的一首歌(男生的):组合算吗? SHINee "RIng Ding Dong"
Trichomonas vaginalis...
愛不愛我: 你是谁?!!
最想大聲說什麼:我爱你, 因为没有人能让我这样对他说。
上廁所會不會脫褲褲: 屁话!
誰很欠打:"問上面那兩題問題的家伙" 来自廷凯《----这个我很同意。。。
如果能為彩虹添加一種顏色你選 :不用啦,这样就很美了
你相信爱情会永远吗 :很难叻,对人没信心了
对欺骗你的人你有什么感想 : 会很气,过后直接不理会,反正气坏的是自己
最近看的一本書是:Cleo November issue
刚刚看的youtube video是 :
[HQ 102909] SHINee Ring Ding Dong @Shim Shim TaPa, 嘻嘻。。

okay! the end!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Im in love with RIng Ding Dong again and again

First listen to this song, my expression is like WHAT THE FXXX?
sound so ridiculous!
All the fantastic and elastic and butterfly?!!!
and the beat sounds like Indian song for me!
After i read all the comment in youtube bout their performance in the show, like "omg they so hwat!", "they look like vampire!", "toooooo hot!!!", i still dun get it.

After i back from the Hottest hunks' event, the uspot line is damn good that night,
so i download the HD MV of the SHINee RIng DIng DOng,
guess what?
im in love with them.
aw...they grow up too fast, become a man dy.....=(
but still love them.
Keep it up boy!

Watch the HD music video posted by SM Entertainment here.....


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Clubbing kaki

This is all i can say....clubbing kaki...
2 nights berturut-turut hit the same club with different ppl and different event,
1st time feel the pain of wearing high heel + dance + walking around + jumping?

After tonight's show, i keep wondering......
Night Life and Online.....
which one you would pick?
i will pick ONLINE......

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Kajang Mooncake Festival 2009-10-10

It is a successful performance,
with our new outfit,
audience and dancers are telling us that we are much more powerful than K17 got talent's audition.
With all other dancers there, i feel its a real dance world tonight at there....
you guys are sooo cool!
Doris and her group performance is so sharp and powerful and yet loving it!

i really love tonight performance,
i've done my best,
give my 100 percent,
this project is over..... gonna missed Girl Generation's "Tell me your wish"
with our official group name - "Fusion X"
what is our next project?
how bout 4 minutes "Muzik"?
Super junior M "Super Girl"?
or ......After School "Button" which performed in Chuseok Special few days ago?

Stay Tune!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

SHINee Generation Genie teaser for K17 Got Talent

Guys, we gonna join K17 Got Talent (1st & 2nd Oct) with the Genie / Tell me your wish dance by using SHINee Generation as our group name.

Hope u guys can come and support us!

LOL, now baru scared the shyt out of me....with the 75marks from her....

Clothes, accessories, this and that....panty band..

This Friday is the infamous Dr.Sab physio test, thanks to her indecisional behaviour...we been flooded by joy and stress like irritated bowel syndrome.

Finally, after more than one month practise, adjustment, improvement, last minute changes, seriously hope we can POWER UP!!

Make it to the Final round baby!

Turn it on..turn it on~

thats right..come on!

I'm Genie for you boy....