Wednesday, December 30, 2009

500mg Ciprofloxacin

I feel sleepy all the time after i take the medicine for my throat infection.
More than one week...started yesterday i took antibiotic - the infamous 500mg Ciprofloxacin.
Its double dose than normal, i seriously need it now, thanks handsome!
So now, 1hour after my dinner aka oat + milo, i take my medicine and im plan to wash all my dirty laundry.
Hope i can hang on before i fell asleep at there....Wish me luck!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


20th December 2009.

My holiday job is quite a boring job, actually. Standing there waiting for you-know-who customers. Curse them when they drill the land of cloth and leave with a fart. It was devastating.

I like the girl who works beside me. She is funny and cute. I always thought her cheek is made of rice since she said she like rice a lot. She looks like a boss for me. I mean the way she talks. But that’s it.

The environment never changed, but I can feel the sense of restriction from their workers’ behavior. It feels like my neck is hold by hands, not tight but I still can feel the tension from them.

I still don’t know what’s going on during my 22th birthday, conclusion is no mood. Same wishes and same tone. Some are suspicious about the breakup of my non-existing romance, my hormone level, my illness and da da da…..

I think I hate them. I hate the lock on my neck, it makes me hard to breath. I hate the fact that I am so timid. I have no gut to burst out my emotions, and the fact that I am wrong trusted the person.

I keep rewind the scene in my mind, flashback to the day she tell me who I am, to the day he tried to do what he think is right to do, to the day they betray my trust, to the day which I also don’t know when it started, all sums to one word. Fear. It started to crumble.

I could not imagine what kind of life I am going to live under the fear. One day, I may erupt and kill it. Or one day, I will erupt and kill myself. Then I shall prepare myself with a gun loaded with bullet of craziness. Stop.

Missing post 1: holiday 09

Farewell, My lovely UPM and my lovelyish K17.
Thanks for giving me such a splendid semester <3333>
Really looking forward my holiday! my real holiday ....huhu...

I think i become more and more mature
I gave my virginity to clubbing, dancing and failed my test XD
Thanks for taking care of me and not give me up, you guys are awesome!

Im seriously looking forward my new coming semester,
damn sure it going to be a luxurious, fantastic and elaaaaastic semester!

I wanted to say 미안합니다 face to face to you, you & you.......
sorry for my absent, my ignorance, my coldness, and my violence....
you guys are my one and only sisters.....and siew also....
love you all!!!!