Friday, February 26, 2010

Sick worm attack!

Officially sick after the enjoyable CNY --> Seoul Garden's korean buffet ---> Dr.Kim's korean cuisine at his house.

CNY = a lot of biscuit, home cooked food, drinks and bla bla bla;

Seoul Garden = barbecued chicken, ice-kacang (which end up quite awful due to the raw green bean, yucks...) and plenty of ice-cream + corn flakes;

Dr Kim's house = OMFG~! 10 KG of PORK, 3-LAYER PORK!!! Korean alcoholic beverage which are 참이슬 “真露烧酒” from Jinro company and 막걸리 (its like Malaysian's tapai)!

I have to admit that im drinking too much back then, getting a bit tipsy, hhahah...luckily didn't do anything stupid hahahah....
Personally, i prefer the 막걸리 than the 참이슬cause it is just too alcohol...19.5%....but Dr kim's wife offer to make cocktail with the 참이슬 using fruit or vege, but we turn down the offer as we can't fit anything more...

PS: huhu...missed the chance of tasting it...wuwu....deep down in my heart, i was screaming "Yes! Oh yes!" but....haih....never mind...sure got another chance sure =)

No la, we can't even finish 3kg of the pork, too full with the seafood pancake, mashed potato pancake, homemade kimchi by Dr Kim's wife herself and plenty of delicious side dishes!

Now, with my herbal drink, trying to cool down the effect of all the barbecue meat and alcohol, im putting up a white flag. Sick worm, you're the winner...... = /

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

李健《傳奇》 - 王菲2010於中國央視春晚上演唱之歌曲



王菲 傳奇 2010央視春節聯歡晚會 HD




寧願用這一 生等你發現

传奇 是指这一瞥的爱情故事

她说她找到那个让她说"I see you"的人了,
真的很替她高兴,i mean有几个人能让你说这些话的。。。?
遇到了,时间对了,时机到了,就星光灿烂 咚咚咚锵

有人说搞什么Robert Patinson 这么出名?
我说 因为他代表着Eternal love,对吧。

PS: 我想遇到那个能让我说shmily的人.....不过应该么这么快吧,呵呵

Monday, February 22, 2010

睡 越

岁月 等于 睡觉 + 越轨。






Thursday, February 11, 2010

새해 복 많이 받으세요!

HAppy new year! WOOHOO!!!

going back to my hometown in 12 hours.... girlfriends and boyfriends and i will be away from my fanfic, my k-pop, my anime, my shojo manga, my Queen, my forum for 10 days =)

很久没看这么又好笑 又废 又有意思的电影了,

祝大家跟大家,新年快乐!万事如意!财源广进!风调雨顺!大吉大利! (嗯,我会吃很多柑的,呵呵。。)

Monday, February 8, 2010

Lesson of the day : Zero tolerance to sexual harassment

Definition of sexual harassment : as long as you feel uncomfortable.

Next time, i will take action and be bold. and kacha!!!!! GIVE YOU HELL!!

full stop.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

My latihan industri

My ideal choice is General Hospital Batu Pahat, and yet, because of some MOU "Memorandum of understanding" problem. Health department of Johor reject my application.

So, i moved to my next choice....Pantai Premier pathology lab, and other lab as well for example BP lab, Path lab, Clinical Path lab, Gribbles la this and that la, i even find some unknown Pak Tani Lab??? omfg......

Damn mood, moody, bad mood.....

Plus, there is a vacancy at Hospital Putrajaya, but i have no transport at all....thinking bout rent a room at the green flat which is near to the hospital, but according to dayana, they usually seek for malay girl....E#$^^&&(*%#@!@(*

So, now, the Jaya Tekno or Jelaran Tekno company which suppose to located at my hometown - Batu Pahat, saying if i want train at their company, i need to stay at Kluang there, cause BP branch is nothing there but selling stuff i guess......

Now, i need transport, place to stay, money and this and that?!?!
1st, i dun wanna stay over other ppl house?!
2nd, i ain't f*ing rich girl who has a pretty car and pretty face and pretty money?!
3rd, i want to stay at my HOME!!!!!!!

SO, SHOULD I MAKE THE CALL OR NOT? i guess i have no choice at all since i don't want to watch my fellow coursemates' convo and im the only one not wearing the bloody hell graduation cloth (or cloak??)

Why life makes such a joke on me?!?!

Monday, February 1, 2010

姫神 Himekami

Accidentally, i found this video on youtube. Ya, its youtube again LOL But this is really resonance-ing.

Rarely i found peace or calm at any place since i left that place. The place i used to love and sitting there, look at the scene outside the window and do nothing. Just nothing.

The reason i talk about this Japanese musical group is they are the one who making those everlasting song or i should say music or sound that will blow a breath into your mind and sink you with the sensation you want to feel.

Here you go. The one i love the most "" by 姫神 or Himekami from Sennen Kairou 千年迴廊(2000) album.