Sunday, November 2, 2008


Reading chaa yehh blog, i feel envy..really envy…

Really envy they can go here go there…with all the friends..

Haih,,,,and i only can waiting all my friend come back to BP then can go out lateh lah and other….

Seeing them (those UMS friends) go here go there, enjoy food and enjoy travelling around Sabah, im sooooooo envy!!!

In UPM – universiti perperiksaan malaysia….my life is filled with test, exam, assignment and other unnecessary things…..=.=

Frankly, i am having a kind of phobia…..examphobia….phobia to exam….really no mood to look that those lecture notes….

The night before my physiology of cardiovascular & respiratory system final exam, i encounter my mum about my thought, about my real feeling about my course…i never tell my mum about my study…

Mum told me just finish the degree then later i can continue with some accountant course or other fei fei stuff. However, the problem is i don’t have the zest in anything now…mum told me to fight for the best result…but actually before this, the thing i ever fight is my STPM, cause i scared i can’t enter local U with my lousy result, then my life will be ended by some misery job….scary….

Maybe because i already achieved my goal, and i don’t know what my next goal….so…im been in this idle state…really idle…

Tonight is my IT test and yet, i haven’t touch the lecture note~ pening….