Tuesday, March 31, 2009


How to do....?
seems like my creativity is not that good....

Monday, March 30, 2009

Super Junior "Sorry Sorry"

I feel familiar with the song "SOrry SOrry",
then found that actually it was the song used in senamrobik biomedic last week!
Fall in love with Super junior now~
and discover another song also... the "Why i like you"...
they got 13 members of guy!
Age range from 20 to 24 years old, some of them are so cute!

Super Junior "SOrry SOrry"

Super Junior "Why i Like U" (sorry coz its kind of mp3 form....)

Saturday, March 28, 2009


This is the movie i watched this afternoon at Mid Valley with my cute coursemates.

Throughout the movie, i was acting like it is a horror movie because it was damn CREEPY initially. After that, it was exciting and heart-aching...and finally, dissapointing.

"KNOWING" starring by Nicolas Cage, he often plays role in those mystery movie.

<--- The official poster for "Knowing"

The disaster prediction note which burried for 50 years --->

The Synopsis as mentioned below:
A professor (Cage) finds that the contents of a time capsule at his son's elementary school makes predictions of the future that have come true. The predictions lead Cage to believe the world is ending, and that he and his son are involved in the apocalypse. Nicolas Cage stars in Summit Entertainment's apocalyptic thriller Knowing, a tale concerning a father who finds a time capsule at his son's school that predicts the end of the world and their direct connection to it.

I must say the airplane crash and the people screaming in the fire is making me feel damn grey,
moreover the subway trains crush into the crowd of people is making me "oh my god...."
That are the climaxs.

The creepy Lucinda and the "angels" is confusing,
it is really great throughout the movie,
just the ending is a bit...har?!
Okay, imagine, when you know everyone else is going to die or put in another sentence 世界末日, and you really can't do anything to stop it, what will you do?
Plus, your son is the "choosen" one ---> i think it means he is the Adam and they (his son - Caleb & Lucinda granddaughter - Abby) really go to Elle garden after that.
And the "angels" are look like alien =.=||
Then the father, just go back to his parents & sister waiting the moment to come.

Im been wondering the ending of the movie when im sitting in the cinema,
  1. save the world from the end of it
  2. they manage to survive after the disaster
But it turn out to be number 3!

3. The world still finished by the creator & his son is the Adam.

Somehow i feel disappointed with the ending, not that i reject God existence,
but.....at least give me some hope please?

All of us feel damn disappointed with the ending but the middle was so good!

Again, im think of the "Philosophy of Science" course,
i should take it, i think.

Friday, March 27, 2009

FSA 3000 - Philosophy of Science

Bellefire "Say something anyway"
This is the song i will sing at tmr night...during BBQ biomedic...
in front of all 1st yr, 2nd yr (?) and 3rd yr....
Just now 9pm go to rehearse the song, and found that i like the PA system =)
i can hear my voice clearly and maybe can control the "projection" better? =P

and ... Yes, im outing tomorrow.
Destination ? Mid valley.
Activity? GSC and lunch.
Purpose? Nah...just too tired of kolej life...
Participants? My cute course mates... (maybe cute is not the suitable for some ppl, hahaha)

Today afternoon, when im online-ing in front of DK3 during MGM lecture,
Ng (?), i dun really know his name,
we got a really interesting interview session.
1st: Do you know Darwin Evolution Theory? Yes.
2nd: Where you know this theory? Form 6 Biology class.
3rd: Do you ever read book about this theory? Yes...textbook? and from media, i mean TV, magazine & forum.
4th: Do you believe the theory? Yup.
5th: Why? Bcoz its the most acceptable theory currently.
6th: So you really believe that we, human evolve from primates? erm..according to the theory, yes.
and going on...........

In this interview session which take around 1 hour,
i learn about Piltdown, debatable theory of Darwin and so on....
and the most important thing is this is his elective course called "Philosophy of Science", code is FSA 3000, at Science faculty & only availabe in 2nd sem.
According to this Ng fellow, the lecturer is doing maths, and its like public seminar during lecture,
he will keep bombard all the Big Bang, Darwin and bla bla bla into your head,
then in the last 30 min of lecture, he will ask you all kind of Qs which will make you think...critical thinking.

So....i decide to take it as my audit in my 3rd year 2nd sem =)
or i just check the lecture time then just go listen to his lecture~
since he never check attendance =D
It might be useless for us, Biomedical Science people, also the future researcher,
but this "Philosohy of Science" sounds fun!

Thursday, March 26, 2009


没吃晚餐,就下去kolej cafe买了三块钱的面包 和 order一包nasi goreng biasa yang hitam dan berminyak dan 没有料。。。。。。。

问我:“明天要去chop & steak吗?”
问我:“星期五要去mid valley走走看戏吗?”
因为明天晚上有Blok A meeting + food provided, 嘻嘻。。。。还有BBQ rehersal。。。
明明有很多 assignment 要赶,
明明有很多 presentation power point 要赶,

Estrella 说 :“ hatiku dambakannya, untuk bercinta lagi....”

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Stay with me by Danity Kane

Recently, i fall in love with this song.
the song is very blue, especially this video made by someone from youtube, a lot of ppl making this song with video of New Moon of Twilight Saga, but i prefer this one.
This video really bring out the sadness of the song.
This video is using Gossip girl as the clip.
I don't how to describe but the song is making me want to cry.

Stay with me - Blair and Chuck

Friday, March 20, 2009


最近爱上了 acoustic , 无论是什么歌,只要是 acoustic 我都喜欢。
还有Estrella的 Some Space, 超级喜欢他们的 Jazz & Indie 的风格!

也许你们不知道,那天在 K17 Idol 的那首 Stay 也是他们的曲子。
Estrella是我们马来西亚的 band 哦!四个成员都是 Selangor 附近的人。他们应该算 underground band 吧。。。
刚开始他们只是在一些民歌餐厅表演,过后 因为他们的风格 与 自己创作的曲子 让他们越来越出名。

Details can refer to this link : http://www.myspace.com/estrellaband 与 他们的facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Estrella/5971339205

去听他们的歌吧!就知道我喜欢的原因了 =)

然后发现有些也是 underground 的歌,比如说 Take it slow 与 I lose my mind 来自一对男女拍档,女的是写歌和唱者,男的是music producer.

I lose my mind by Lwam


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Biomedic Netball interbatch tournament 18-03-2009

A really memorable day as our 2nd yr formed 2 team to play in this netball tournament.
Seems like everyone know we having interbatch netball, hahahha...due to our very loud and "sopan" screaming and yelling, hahaha~!

My very cute coursemates were under attack by 3rd yr seniors T.T
Some was "molested", some was getting a big hug from behind, some having a lovely punch or whatever over face, mouth and anything you found to be attackable...hahahha!
However, since we are cool and steady biomedic 2nd yr, so we just whack nonsensically that time, hahahha! XD

and i want to say sorry to our juniors, also the organiser, for our very "sopan" and "elegant" attitude during the whole event, we were not meant to do like that =P

For the whole event, what i want to say is...It is a really enjoyable event, thankyou junior for everything, and its really a pleasure to meet all of you (include 3rd yr) at the netball court....even though there are some unpleasant things happened (3rd yr refree play foul & bias loh), but actually we just joke and makin fun all bout them, hahahhaha!! So please no hard feeling ya =)

So, as ussual, 1st place go to....3rd yr seniors!
2nd place go to....2nd yr seniors...kami la tu! hahaa XD
and 3rd place go to.....1st yr junior....well done ya all!

Its been a very happy moment for all of us, especially 2nd yr, since all of you are soooo sporting and our dear coursemates (gurls + boys) are being there to support us!!

After this, we sure get sore throat and ache legs, but it was fun!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

K17 Idol pictures

Yeap, i got this from facebook,hehe...post by my friend + coursemate,hehe... Sorry, i dun have pics during performance~

from left : atika, me, another atika, kak fiza n dayang~

This is after the event, still in DKU lepak-ing,hehe...as me and kak fiza sitting there watching Sonia, Geo, Akila, Nabilah n Varia taking pictures with fansSS? and some of the AJK are doing Karaoke in DKU, hahahaha, they are so hillarious!

me, atika n kak fiza takin pic at foyer~

After that, we went to foyer. VIP and AJK were taking supper there, and kak fiza as the MC of the night got a hamper!!

There are the MCs of the night! Presenting Kak fiza & ???, hahah, i forgot his name, sorry~

And now, im asking Geo whether he got all the video recorded at that night, hehehe..if got, then i shall post them here and let ya all see how our K17 idol - Sonia makin the crowd like CRAZY! and how Geo presenting the "open cloth" and showing superman cloth climax! and how other making ppl feel like boomed!

By the way, we, i mean kak fiza, khalil, jo and me will have a performance in Faculty night at July~! w0w~! Can't wait to practise now! hehe.....

Monday, March 16, 2009

K17 Idol and Estrella "Stay"

Performing Estrella - Stay is making me spinning around..
haha...first, bcoz of my $%#$%^&^ friend want to go buy clothes for dinner, and i assume he will drive and just near by only, then we end up at Time Square~!
then...i didn't manage to do the final rehersal....
after reach kolej, straight go take my bath, go to sq there to make up a bit, then go!
BUT....when i meet my little cute coursemates there, they say my attire is too casual...
argh! @.@ straight away im rush back my room to find some "performer" clothes and found that actually i tookthem all back home town already..... =.=
So just put on a red cloth, shining ear rings and high heel shoes then GO!

Then,,,,,i miss Sonia sing her first song! AARGH!!!
According to Jo, the crowd are CRAZY when she sing it! OMG!
Next, its Geo singing and dancing, he is really a good performer! so, he get the best performance prize lo, hahah!
He so sexy in the song of "crazy little thing called love", ouch!
and Sonia also very sexy in the song of "lucky", all of them! Akilah, Nabila and the other vet girl also =)

After they all singing, its our show time!
me singing Estrella - Stay which i screw up and forget the lyric in the middle, hahah..... =.=
then, its Mel and Afid (my choir mate) singing "Cinta antara kita" and the best thing is he keep looking at a girl when he sing the song....omg....i think its his gf...and his gf is replying him writing "I love you" on the paper and show him during he singing....so sweet~

Finally, its the result of K17 idol....
The winner is...Sonia!!!!! with the best vocal prize!!
second place goes to....Geo!!
third place is Akilah..who is also my choir mate, love her!!
Nabilah (my 1st yr junior) which is also my choir mate din get any prize but we all know that her voice is amazing! love ya too!

After that, finish and chat chat a bit then chiao!
Now, quite tired but im listening to a new band song called Boyce Avenue as im doing my test 2 assignment,
and yes, its PROF MANAN's Experimental Design.....and im choose Norwalk Virus, and why? coz other had pick all the bacteria and left virus for me.... T.T
Boyce Avenue singing "Tonight", their songs are good!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Walking on air

Do you know what it's all about...
are you brave enough to figure out?
know that you could set your world on fire,
if you are strong enough to leave your doubts.

I knew that, I could feel that, I feel like i am walking on air.

Feel it, breath it, believe it,
Go try, go fly, so high, and i'll be walking on air.

Yes, im walking on air, and im setting my world on fire.

Saturday, March 7, 2009


我按下了"add friend"的键。



Friday, March 6, 2009

i can't do it~!

i can't do it!!
Even all my surrounding people say "yes", im still think it is a "NO!"
all the reasons and excuses....can't lar....
i can't do it....
please...im damn scared....

Monday, March 2, 2009

if this isn't love

"If this isn't love" from Jennifer Hudson...currently my favorite song.

I'm calling his phone up,
just to tell him how much
I really love him cause
he's everything I want
He listens to me, cares for me
so I truely believe

God send me an angel up from above
that's gonna love me for life
might as well be perfect
Only because, it's the only way
I can describe, so

If this isn't love
tell me what it is,
cuz I could be dreaming and just plain crazy

If this isn't love
tell me what is, cause I never felt like this baby

If this isn't love....

L-o-v-e what does it mean?
Oh... If this isn't love

L-o-v-e what does it mean?
Oh... If this isn't love

I'm selfish cause I don't wanna share
him with nobody not even those
People that came before me
But see, I never believed.

God would send me an angel up from above
that's gonna love me for life
might as well be perfect
Only because it's the only way
I can describe, so

If this isn't love
tell me what is, cuz it
I'd be dreaming and just plain crazy (oh)

If this isn't love (oh)
tell me what is, cause I never felt like this baby
If this isn't love

L-o-v-e what does it mean?
Oh... If this isn't love

L-o-v-e what does it mean?
Oh... If this isn't love

So if you got real love
Let me see you put your hands up
See you put your hands up
The kind of love that fits right like a gloves

Let me see you put your hands up
See you put your hands up,
if this isn't love

Cause I know I ain't crazy
I know I ain't trippin
I know I ain't slippin
I know that it's love

See me with my hands up
If you think I'm dreamin
I know I ain't dreamin
Cause this reason maybe
I know what is love
If this isn't love...

but, i lost my faith in love.