Thursday, August 27, 2009

Heart irritable

Im rushing my physio lab report which im doing the 1st to 3rd question plus putting the graph of the "Frog Heart" into words form.
8888ing graph keep copy as double set into the words, so i just let it be and let the combiner to settle herself.
I've done my best bout the result graph & im officially give up, pls dun blame me for that or else.
AND i want to done my clinical biochem lab report (26/8/09 - Practical 5).
I shouldn't take any drink contained caffein at all!!!

My heart is irritable.....
not the pathologic irritable heart, but the "itchy" of my heart.

Result from the caffein contained drink = fluctuating mood, impatient....and bla bla bla...

Now i only managed to finish my phyiso lab report as i was informed about the part i should do today and it should be pass up by this friday. going back my hometown this friday la....
i still got my mountainlicious like girlfriends waiting for me behind my house yo know,
i haven't done my intro part of clinical biochem as it suppose to include the test principle of all the plasma TG, TC, HDL and LDL + their normal range.
bla bla bla.....
man, you see la....this is the typical result of "irritable heart" ------nagging like a grandma.....

Now im 8888ing sleepy and tired,
and i cant let my girlfriend wait me why.....

Monday, August 24, 2009


Eventhough i already set my priority last sem,
but my mind still wandering around others......
Now, its time for me to decide.

"Don't let someone become a priority in your life,
when you are just an option in their life...
Relationships work best when they are balance."

This is what happened between me n siew. Balance.
Our care for each other are balanced.
Thats why we can further our relationships to a stage i never share with others.

"Never explain yourself to anyone.
Because the person who likes you doesn't need it,
and the person who dislikes you won't believe it."

I've been look through this situation,
as i know explaination is useless when the person is having preconception on you.
It doesn't matter what happen after that,
once anything just happened to be unfavorable for he/she, the situation turn back to its original state.
And the person who likes you from his/her bottom heart does not need any explaination at all.
It's true.

"We make them cry who care for us.
We cry for those who never care for us.
And we care for those who will never cry for us."
I think i had make my family esp my mum cried for me dozen times.....
and i did cry for those who never care for me,
i did care for those who will never cry for me.
It is silly.
So, i'm setting my priority now.
I'm trying to make them who care for me smile......

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Disasteruos Test 1 in 2009

if it isn't because of H1N1, im sure i will fail all my test 1 paper.......
im not joking!

It suppose to have my parasitology test 1 on the day im also having my fac night performance,
and because im so engross into the dance, basically i can't and no mood to study at all.

Thanks to the quarantine "holiday",
i managed to rest for a week, then continue the test 1,
luckily the fac night and the CAD were held before any test,
so im sincerely thank god for the best arrangement~

now im finished my disasterous test 1 in my 5th sem 2009/2010,
im officially FREE!!!!!!
I can plant all the crop in my Happy farm, Barn Buddy, FarmVille and etc,
can jaga them to prevent my dear friends from stealing my precious crop, muahahahhah!
I can watch all the documentary i! Suddenly i feel i am geniusssss~ muahahaha!
I can watch my Katekyoushi hitman reborn, my One Piece, my Bleach, my japanese drama, my SHINee yuhanam series,
I can practise the "Circus" + "Tell me your wish" + "AMIGO" dance,
I can this this this and that that that (pls use your imagination lah)

And because of these imagination, i can't sit properly to study my pathology yo no.....
The monsterous test 1 is oxidise my brain and i can't even think properly,
thanks to Carol and other fellow junior + housemate, i can jog regularly and dance regularly,
life is soooooo good with all these motivation, muahahahaah....

P.S suddenly i want to sing sing and sing....

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Creationi-evolution controversy

This is something i come across when i browse through the very super famous youtube.
Okay, i ain't talk about all these shit debate here, coz i had no idea about these stuff at all.

Creation ----> God

Evolution ----> Something stated in my primary science textbook.
Controversy ---> Debate.
Something i called cat fight.

Yeah, u're right. Human version of cat fight.
you can't blame me dude, this is what i've got when i google "cat fight" kay!

Check the adorable cat fight in youtube, just type "venomfangX" and i bet 1000 rupiah on myself that you will get a lot of interesting drama =)

The argument reminds me to the previous post bout the
FSA 3000 (Philosophy of Science)
I think i will take this as elective course next sem, dun care if i need to do the dictionary thickness killer assignment.
Probably bcoz of my pure ignorance on this topic, it makes me want to know what the hell are they blabbing about....
Sounds good right? coz the cat fight wun stop here as long as human still on the earth LOL

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Danceformer virus a.k.a H11N5 mouse flu virus

thanks to Dayana,
i exposed to something called "dance-former virus",
Its highly contagious,
You are a goner once u infected.

Clinical features?
Constant K-pop fever for months, unexpected robotic motion, insanity towards anything got d-a-n-c-e on their surface or inner part, Uspot hormone deficiency and pruritis butt.

Diagnostic method?
1. Farhana Marah method.
2. Butterscotch tape for d butt ( not anus dude!)

Treatment & prevention?
Sorry.....according to the Sin Chao newspaper, there are no prevention method currently due to the highly mutation turn over rate of danceformer virus aka H11N5 mouse flu virus.

One & only ---> 100x Uspot hormone injection intravenously.

Now, who can gimme d uspot hormone?

Friday, August 14, 2009

안녕요~ (An Nyong yo)

I seriously can't pull me off from all the korean stuff!

First is the SHINee dance,
then is my elective korean level 1.....
damn addictive yo know.....

Today afternoon was my first korean reading test,
imagine this....
Dr. Kim's wife - our course coordinator ->
  1. fluent in English
  2. i understand everything she talks about,
  3. teach Korean way way way (100x) better than her husband
  4. and she is Yea Po yo~! (Yea Po = pretty / beautiful)
5 Sentences, which u must read them to the computer as she is recording them,
each sentence got 30 or 40 secs,
and for god sake!
its not something like "i love you", "i hate you", "im hungry" or "i want to sleep" okay?!
IMAGINE THAT........ ||.||

I am damn sure my stress hormone was shooting up to my hypothalamus while i write all the romanation of those sentences.....
0n top of all, while im recording, i realized i missed "translate" one word...its the 입(pronouce as "ip")...before the normal 니다 (Ni-Da).
So, i was stuck there....for 5 secs maybe? then say "Im-Ni-Da" out loud.....

this korean reading test is definitely take my breath away + shorten my life for 1 year maybe? O.o
but i like it!

now then, the physio test 1 baru come across my mind.....lalala....
everynothing will be okay, everynothing will be alright.....

Saturday, August 8, 2009

CAD 2009?

Yup, today is our annual CAD night.

Dress? i borrowed.
Shoes? old one.
necklace and bla bla bla? sorry, my necklace putus liao....=S

Still recover from the dance mode....
darn tired....but i like it.
Still got a bit sad coz din give 100% yesterday night and been shoot by some ppl when we are told to eat at table....
Seriously no mood bcoz of that.
PLS la, we are not the one who SENDIRI sit down and eat k!
SOME MANAGER & AJK told us to sit there de k!
If you want to blame someone, pls blame the person, dun shoot us pls.
Total failure Fac night...blek!

Damn pissed off!

So, what im doing now?
Wash my mountain like laundary.....
try to get back to the nerd student track....coz this coming monday is our lovely Clinical Biochem test 1.
Talking about Clinical Biochem, the voice of our dearly Dr. Zalina is very piercing!
Pak even ask me :"how can her husband stand this?!"
LOL, well i duno....Love is blind right?

Hope i can resist the tempation of K-pop....
yeah....2NE1..SHINee...Big Bang...SNSD....SuperJunior....
but i'll still update their k-pop latest news.