Monday, August 16, 2010


水果一直买,一直买,买了苹果 又买番石榴,

晚上手痒去按“美食大三通”看到Sri Lanka 的美食
突然很想吃肉,跑去cafe 打包 roti telur参着两种酱料吃。
一边看“美食大三通”一边吃我加蛋的 “手帕饼”
我终于明白 为什么CT & Lion 会在看“美食大三通”的时候一直吃了,呵呵。

不过这次的期末假期 我都不能回家,因为要跟我的老鼠玩,玩足20个星期。

Friday, August 13, 2010

Proxy freak & lucky theory

Recently i don't know what is the matter with me....
My laptop is officially spoiled, i mean the hard disk.....the second time! So i need to spend another RM180 for a brand new Samsung hard disk which tag with 2 years warranty *relieved*
RM50 for Windows 7 and another RM15 for cooling pad....

I'm in love with Window 7~! Its so cool!!! I love its graphic, effect, i mean all!!
Keep playing with it and ignoring my assignments for the whole day when i get my laptop back =D

On top of that, i found the proxy for accessing all the blocked site and it is SUPER FAST!
However, we still need to login to our USpot aka U SEPIT  >.<
I have tried to track back to our USpot's own proxy ID by using tracert but its still the same proxy ( port 80) but i think when they upgrade the USpot last month which last for 3 weeks they had added router between the user (thats mean us) and USpot, so the proxy i mentioned before is not more usable to access internet without login to USpot.....

Today, when i was in Mid Valley, i realised that my aging Nokia 2600's speaker is malfunctioning, i can hear you but you can't hear me....
Oh my god.....that means i need to buy a new one for real now.....or i just need to throw it on the floor and let it get some "reverse" damage then it will back to normal again.

There it goes again, the trip.
This time is my graduation trip. I'm so sorry, i'm not rich enough to travel overboard unless i definitely will spend below RM1000 for the whole trip include flight ticket, accommodation, this and that.
So, i plan to opt for island trip, yay! Redang! Kapas! Anywhere as long as i can snorkeling for whole day!
Next year January, i hope this trip will be a success =)

Dear sisters, I am officially telling all of you.
This time, I will grow my hair for SURE!
You will see me in looooong hair during my graduation ceremony!
Don't say i will give up in the middle anymore kay? hahhaa.....

I know a lot had happened to you (plural form), between you and between us, maybe i seems to give up but i'm not a quitter on our ship =) Love you all~

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Uspot is back

I've been searching back door for uspot and i'm come across some UPM student complained bout this USpot.
One of them said USpot is called U SEPIT at their hostel, haahha....cause its only give you 40 hours limit per week and they are not allowed to online after 1am.
Wow, i seriously don't know they can't online after 1 though....and this is sux.....

Finally, after so many weeks we wait till our neck become longer and longer, USpot finally come.
Some of my coursemates and juniors can't bear the "NO USPOT-NO INTERNET-NO LIFE" syndrome and opt for broadband.
I keep resist my urge to surf for 25 days! 25 days! It's my new record! Congratz me pls....
I normally wouldn't online during my semester break cause i will be WORK work work like hell....

Broadband, i definitely will go for Celcom Student package with the speed limit is 389kbps and volume limit is 5Gb. 
Ya, i know the speed is damn slow but at K17, this is the speed you will get no matter what high tech modem you use.
But hey, luckily U SEPIT is back!
I still can use ultrasurf or freegate for some website that kena sepit or blocked, wahahaha!