Saturday, September 26, 2009

Mooncake Festival at Summint Parade, BP 20090925

Ya, i finish my work at 7pm, wandering around the BP mall for 1+ hour,
ate Mr.Magic sour cream and onion flavor French fries and a Papa Roti.
Attention: its not the "papa" who u know LOL

Then head to Summit Parade for the mooncake festival,
which in Chinese is 中元园游会.

Look at the crowd!

Some of the AJK give keropok and my favourite "Teddy bear chocolate cookies"!

Surprisingly, met with my relatives there, they entered the Mooncake Decoration Contest.

1st gp : my 2nd aunt

2nd gp: My married cousin

3rd gp: My 3rd aunt

Something i must say about BP forks is they will never lose their enthusiasm for all the Chinese traditional event, even though the event might not that big scale, but can feel the joy & merry of our M0oncake festival!

stall ove here n there...

This is what we play during Mooncake festival called 猜灯谜, some are really tough man....

Mum is looking at others' self-made mooncake =)

Okay, the 8th gp, self-made mooncake & this gp caught my sight....
gp no.9~ colorful mooncake, looks delicious....

10th gp: the calligraphy theme is damn nice, really love the way it present ^^

Gp no.11: tree and immortals

12th gp~
gp n0.14: this one really huge!
AND this is the psycho one, i really love it!

My stupiak lappy rebel during my holiday

Open folder or anything wun show on the task bar....
got taskbar but no task showing there, so if i minimize them, i need to reopen them again,
or going to Alt + Tab to switch to it....
or open my task

i bought it for 2.5 years baru it started to enter its rebellious stage of life....
Work for 13 hours everyday in my holiday,
plus its raya time and im take care of the Fair section,
u can see all the clothes like the soil kena digged.....shapeless....mountain-like....
foot keep cramp until now if im not moving my foot, its cant bend...
sucks till the end....
next time i will try to avoid working during raya time, or any peak season time,
and i will try to avoid working at Pacific again.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ester Dean ft Chris Brown - Drop It Low (from More Than A Game)

Gosh, i like it.......

From pusat satelit bumi to Yaki-yaki japanese buffet?

Sunday, we went to jog, there was me, carol, victoria and ssien plus another pair of "lover" - tang pon2 & her buddy~
Out of sudden, we decided to turn right where we suppose to turn left which will head to Bukit Expo.
So....we collected 4 golf balls along the way, each person satu biji as souvenir.
Pass the golf field, we were reaching the big road. Beside us is stadium.
Luckily we still remember the track to Bukit Expo during our UPM marathon loooooooooooooooooong time ago~

Along the way, we met LRT to KLIA, and................Pusat Satelit BUMI!
BUMI man! It sounds like we, group of ppl standing beside that place is from Mars.............
From the "Earth satelite centre", we talk about Yaki-yaki japanese buffet, located in front of Lowyat Plaza.
We-----me and ssien decided to go on the next day!
Yup, right....Monday, skipped PKK and our lovely clinical biochem lectures just to the buffet, why?
Coz its only for RM18.90! from normal prize RM65 to RM18.90 man.....
Attention: this promotion only till 30 of sept and on weekdays only.
thats why loh........

Hmm...the choice is not that many but still good though, with all the jelly, salmon, shark, bbq, ice cream, fruits and their warm service.
Its worth to give a try =)

We were the last lunch time customer leave there...hehe....then we hang out at Times Square for a while as ssien managed to buy a ethnic style dress for RM25.
Until now im still full...full with salmon, sushi and etc........wohoh~

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Wings Restaurant 回音石民歌餐厅 20090911

Sorry, i lazy to upload to here, and quite troublesome to arrange it.
So...pls view all the pics at my facebook la....thanks...hehe....Wings Restaurant 回音石民歌餐厅 20090911

After our parasito test, we suppose to dance "Tell me your wish"~
but when dayana reach my room and talk with jacklyn n yanling them about the K-17 got talent thing...
LOL some of my coursemate laugh about the title "K17 got talent", sounds so Susan Boyle, ahahhah
Then, dayana go and fetch her sister and balik.
So, tak jadi menari loh...

After i wandering, touch here and touch there....
i decide to go to Wing's Restaurant, located at Seri Kembangan with my chinese coursemates.
It turn out to be a quite pleasant outing, due to the good atmosphere, the melodious song sing by singers.
My maryland chicken is damn big for me....i seriously can't finish it....
feel like my zip is going to burst!
13 of us had a good time especially when we found out their upper floor got such a good design~
sofa, chess, magazine (hoho...keep thinking magazine in korean- called "잡지", hoho....)
Goh, Pak and jiwei turn on their model mode pula...
started to pose and take pic, hahaha....thats a lot of fun!!!
The background is perfect to take artistic pic!
but, coz its too dark and we dun have tripod so the effect a bit.....

Really enjoy that night, even though i still think going back 10pm is quite early for me~
Night is still young baby! LOL

Funny scene:
1. Tang pong2 and ban shui debate the issue of "On heat VS On sun"....cold....
2.Ah ken's suspicious hand on the french fries.....

Pre-k17 got talent incident

After we performed in Fac night, dayana and me still continue our dance journey as she go to Dance Studio - Urban Groove to properly learn dance style like popping, locking and hip hop from professional dancers.
Me? I wanted to go, but my money runs too low until i can't join at all,
maybe next sem then i will start my dance journey, i think.....

Lack of purpose or determination in dancing is making me feel a bit weird,
so, we try to join as performance dance crew in the "K17 got talent", we seriously want to perform on that night!!!!
Since they encourage us to take part in the competition so im joining as singing and dayana as solo dance.

Finally, im able to approach Bilah to talk about the performance stuff,
5 person performance and this and that.
On that night, when im at the Wing's restaurant enjoying my photographer + model instructor role, she smsed me said no more performance and asked us to join the competition as group dancer.
Frankly, i think not many people will join if we join the competition,
due to the stress and this and that.
Doing performance is way better and joyful than we are the one who receive critics and fight for the prize. Hiaks....
Although jacklyn and yan ling say the 1st prize is really really good, but......i have no confident in my dance....

Called dayana, decided to see the situation first then decide the next step.
I duno how Lianne and hkee will think about this idea......argh! headache...
"Tell me your wish" is a really elegant dance~
and i want to mix "Circus" and "La Cha Ta" but seems can not.....huhu...

So, i started to prepare my singing for the audition,
bored to the end of the world.....

Next monday, after clinical biochem and dayana's japan class, hopefully can practise the dance with Lianne and Hkee =)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

2PM leader Jae-bum leaving korea

You know? a man killed because he didn't know "Nobody" by Wondergirls. Im speechless.

okay, back to main topic.
Im sorry if im getting to emotional here.....
I seriously disappointed of netizens or antis....
this kind of thing also they can make a tsunami in 2PM leader Jae-bum's life...
not only gave a formal apology statement in the fans site,
now he is leaving Korea?!
What the hell is going on in this world.......
Even though JYP is saying he is not leaving the group, but those antis should just shut their mouth up,
asking him to commit suicide, this and that,
isn't that way too much?

For god sake, he was young that time, its was 3/ 4 yrs ago man,
when he first come to Korea for the 2PM group, sure he felt emotional,
who doesn't get emotional when they left they lovely home to another country?
Even me also will miss home when im here, in UPM, in K17, which is still in Malaysia, and just take 4 hours bus then can reach my hometown...
one of my fren who work in Singapore now also hate that country you know.....
and what the hell they go dig all the things up and say this and that...apa la korang ni...
The most hilarious thing is the netizens now baru dig all other evidence to support Jae-bum, all the word he left for his American fren about how he like Korea this and that (which is also long time ago).
I shall take the word from the Daily K Pop News, "Love for Korea revealed too late..."

Im not really a 2PM fans but their "Dirty eyed girl - Brown Eyed Girls' Abracadabra parody" in Wild Bunny is damn funny!
The making of this parody is lagi kelakar!
I not really know how this matter is happened in Korea, but its seems like very serious,
i think they really pressing Jae-bum on this matter.
As i know, Chris Brown was abusing Rihanna before right? and all the court stuff.
But, i do agree with a person's comment in youtube as he is a musician / artist,
even his private life is sucks, this is not concern to his singer career.
You can't deny that Chris Brown is unique in singing or dancing right? same goes to Jae-bum.
I am not saying that Jae-bum should be forgiven, isn't it is a waste that such a talented person leaving our music world bcoz of what he said 3/ 4 yrs ago?

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sunway Pyramid yesterday version + today version

Out of sudden, Dayana and me decide to go Sunway Pyramid to watch "Battle Ground" dance competition which organised by Astro.

Yesterday version
We, 5 ppl, reach there around 12pm, GUESS what? Its TOMORROW!!!!!!!
Flood by the damn disappointed feeling, we settle our lunch at RedBox, where dayana & me keep dancing SNSD "Tell me your wish", "Circus" and SHINee "Love Like Oxygen", the Jacklyn is keep picking 40's and 80's songs........ =.=
okay, that is 3 of us, and another one ----> Carol was SLEEPING>>>>>in the redbox......
and menwai went for shopping.

After that, we wandering inside the mall for 1 hour with breads
then.....we decided to go for the Final Destination 4.
Seriously, i wun watch that damn movie no matter how they persuade me about "Its not a horror movie la...", "Its a thriller la...", "Its not scary la..."
No, it is a NO. Full stop.
Luckily the ticket were sold out, so HAHAHAHA! i no need to watch it!
Next, we continue our wandering again.

Due to carol & dayana hungriness, we heading to "Italiannies".


Olive oil + alcohol-smell vinegar

Our Lasagna...tak sempat take d whole one punya pic...

"Angel hair pomodoro" ----> Bigger than carol's face, huhu..

It was a splendid dining i must say!
I definitely will go there again and again!
Food portion is big, price is considered cheap if we sharing all the food, and the lagsana is 8888ing tasty!!!
I was so tired as im sleeping in the car till we reach k17...huhu....

Today Version
All of us are very tired of yesterday outing,
so today just me and dayana.
We reach there, buy burger king then sitting right behind the place they dance.
My butt is so in pain as if it can scream like a old lady....
They start around 1pm and we've been not moving from that spot from 11 to 4.......
I really learnt a lot from the audition, from locking to new school, from popping to hip hop and tons of dance style.
All the dancer are awesome!!!
The one making me mouth opening is the blond girls group doing the Basement Jaxx "Oh my gosh", their movement so sharp and seducing!!!!
I bet all the guys at there started to nose bleeding already, wakakaka!!!
Well, Malaysia is full of surprise for me as im used to watch US Dance crew and korean artists dance =)
Good Job Malaysia dancerszzz!!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


不想看 不想管 不想听 不想说