Saturday, August 23, 2008

sequences of pic in my daily life

This pic show my sem break after my 2nd sem of 1st yr in U. In June, gathering with all my friend, working as a part time promoter who has very little salary... T.T, gathering again and again, BBQ~, lateh at everywhere and wash face for the first time in my life!

This month was a joyful month for me, keep mingling around my friends, getting close with friends and my family as well. I learnt to appreaciate everything around me, ex-classmates, family and relatives. By changing my hp to postpaid, i can phone back home with damn cheap price and i can do my secretary job as well =)


before this is Genting trip with my coursemates.
a really good and enjoyful experience.....^^ i think this is the starting point where the person start to take action lo~ LOL~

Starting of my brand new sem is lai yen's birthday! as usual, all of our chinese coursemate come down to basketball court which is in the middle of 4 block in our college and celebrate for her =)

Next, is the Malam Tunas Budaya of UPM, specially for those newbees to participate and represent our college. We didn't manage to defend our champion..but they really did a good job.

Chinese junior orientation is started and this is our pic~

this one is only 2nd yr.....

this one is 1st & 2nd yr...hehehe....

who is the next? ah ken's birthday~ we call all the junior come down to celebrate with him and also let them see the "tradision" of our chinese society ^^ but....we got second round at chop & steak, LOL!

After that is our BIOMED ODYSSEY - biomedic orientation for new student~ fac tour, treasure hunt, biomedic idol and sukaneka were held during the week, hope all of the junior are enjoy~

this pic below is taken at chop & steak after the biomedic idol. Its our lepak time!

After the chinese orientation, and after i bully my buddy enough =P.....i got a buddy! then, take a family portrait lo~!
start from left : tiffany (my senior buddy from muar), me and Ri Wen (my junior buddy from kulai), they are cute!

Its around end of July now and i'm busy with the preparation to FRIM and test 1. Heavy loaded subjects which require us to be very proffesional are making everyone stressed out and numb.... just after the test, its fun time!

FESKO - FESTIVAL KOIR in our U is held on 16th and 17th August, exactly the date where all of us need to atted to our Chinese Annual Dinner a.k.a CAD.

Practises were carry out and we got a very capable conductor - catherine~ my biomedic senior~ Practises also carry out during our exam week (T.T) BUT!!! WE WON!!! WOW!! couldn't believe it! we won! 16 groups which representing each college except for K10 and K11 (they combine). Making a lotzzzzzzzzzzzzzz of friends in choir =) especially some ppl that keep kacau me when we were singing....haha!

17th August :

Morning - Went The Mines with carol, ai chin, pp and alan.

2.30pm - after received kak fiza's call about still got one place empty to Khalil's sister kenduri, rush back to college and reach around 2.30pm. In hurry change into baju kurung then depart!

In that week (15th and 19th of August), i went to MAHA 2008. It just near our fac, held in MARDI. so.....its party time after exam!

Right after anatomy test which contained Dr Kim's killer question, i get to know that hazi they all are going to MAHA, so ing, me and carol went there and have a nice day! We even walk back college because we couldn't get a K17 bus...T.T

ing & me~

at the states pavilion.....

place where they keep the fish...hehe....

OK! back to the senario~

at 6.00pm, i reach college and the CAD bus will arrive at 6.15!!! without thinking, i prepare myself as properly as possible to attend the CAD, held at Palm hotel, IOI resort.

After the eating and fun activities session, 10pm chin theng drive the little kancil fetch me, lai yen, suisien and pak from IOI back to college to take the videocamera (for recording the announcement of choir result) and then fly to panggung percubaan with the lose make up and weird attire (high heels plus baju kolej & slack + make up???) i can't imagine how we look that night......T.T

after we back to college with the trophy, got post mortem for the choir. Until 2am, then i can remove the make up and bath properly and turn to day rush to 4 places...crazy......but i'm happy =)

Then, a new challenging week!

Before we go to FRIM on this sunday, we went there to survey the surrounding just to ensure everything is ok....and also concern about our juniors, coursemates and seniors safety~ we going to have jungle tracking, canopy walkway and lastly WATERFALL!!!!

just outside of Visitor Info Center

our exco with serious face listen to person in charge explaining....

This is my week! but it haven't over cause right after the survey to FRIM, me and hui kee went to mid valley to meet ah ken them and have a "Wall-E" movie which reflects the situation btw kee & sss, haha =P Had a dinner at The Garden then went home. Just the time we waiting bus, jo calling for lepak at outside and then bob fetch me straight away at ktm serdang with kak fiza's car. we going to sing k....haha! Another tiring but happy day!

Now is the Lawatan SMK Tanjung Gemuk at our U and fac, its my job to duty~~~~~~~and i can't celebrate my sister's birthday at here....T.T must wait until i go home during merdeka...and i bring 2 ppl home,,,,,hehe......tourists....hehe.....

luckily hemato second assessment is postpone to thursday...otherwise i will need to study at home dun want~~~~