Monday, May 9, 2011

Finale of my Biomedical science degree life

  1. Fancy outing? CHECKED
  2. Fancy food? CHECKED
  3. Fancy job secured? CHECKED
  4. Drunk by drinking korean soju and rice wine? CHECKED
  5. Maintained moderate cgpa? CHECKED
  6. Played hard? CHECKED
  7. Get to know someone cool? CHECKED
  8. Harmonized with coursemates? CHECKED
  9. Did what i want? CHECKED
  10. Study hard? CHECKED
  11. Explored new stuff within myself? CHECKED
  12. Did something desperately? CHECKED
  13. Volunteered something? CHECKED
  14. Learnt new language? CHECKED
  15. Organized activities? either suka-rela or paksa-rela... CHECKED
  16. Internet + laptop skills? CHECKED
  17. Tears and laughters? CHECKED
  18. Dance? CHECKED
  19. Soul mates found? CHECKED
  20. Band vocalist?CHECKED
  21. Clubbing/ pub-ing? CHECKED
  22. Vacation? CHECKED
  23. Hurt someone? CHECKED
  24. NO regrets? CHECKED.
End of my degree chapter. Let's start a brand new chapter babe!