Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Last sem when i take the japanese video from Jo, i’ve been can’t take my eyes and ears off Ellegarden…..

Space sonic, red hot~~ and other songs…

One of the reason i like them is the vocalist’s pronouciation on english is correct.

Their genre also quite rock and mostly the lyrics are talking about normal life, hahaha…

I really feel disappointed….hardly find a japanese band that suite my taste..

I love your song lah, ellegarden….!!!!

My mind is keep asking : “ why? why don’t want to continue creating album? why dismiss the band?”

Really disapointed….. and sad as well….

ellegarden 1

Ellegarden…..4 members….

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Im amazed by the anime “Bleach”!

Firstly i want to watch One Piece start from the first episode until the latest – episode 372, but with my 320GB external hard disk, i take the full OP, Bleach, Naruto from Din, bwahahahaha!

Due to the one week period of short holiday at home plus im working at The Store as a promoter, my brother, sisters and me decide to watch Bleach first. However, the impact is very…oh my god !

All of us addicted to it!! We love Ichigo!!


The pic above is Ichigo and the gang, bwahahaha! (middle : Ichigo, the main character).

During my very relax work, i went to all of the DVD shop in summit to find all things regarding “Bleach”. Thus, i made my mind, i want to collect “Bleach”! and i gonna start save my money in order to collect all of them! bwahahaha!

Besides, i do learnt some new skill and knowledge through the job i’ve done in work, know how to identify the true genuine leather, how to know a good quality bag and other. Im really grateful for know Jie Ling (promoter of Crocodile), Wa wa?? – also promoter of Crocodile, Suk fen – my promoter, Chai Han – Carlo Rino promoter and other like Kose promoter and Carlo Rino bag promoter. Futhermore, i get closer with Bee yan now~ since both of us are apart since form 5 in SMKA ^^ love you, bee yan~

Now, im still watching Bleach now, the 109 episode, but it doesn’t feel the same as i watch at home with my siblings….suddenly really miss the feeling of home, a sweet and peace home.

I will have my final exam in 2 weeks, need to do AGM stuff, PAP photograph stuff and other extra stuff, but addiction to Bleach makes me more energetic i think =P

Bleach, i love you!