Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fancy tool

I want a good pair of eyes, smart brain and a gut to manipulate people like what Jane did in "The Mentalist".

I want to conduct those experiments like what Walter did in "Fringe" to explore the wonder of science...

I want to have the bright, bold and carefree personality like Luffy in "One Piece".

Most importantly, i want to have a try on those fancy tool in CSI, like the LCD screen table and bla bla bla... which i thought they are still haven't popularized in US, but yet i saw them in CSI New York...gosh, my hands are itchy now, when i will get my hands on these little sweet stuffs? 5 years later? OH NO, i will die of running out of patience later....

Friday, March 12, 2010

Oh, Peter

First time ever, i feel the rush from watching horror / thriller movie...

Fringe is certainly blowing off my mind with questions, answers and MORE questions + mystery.

Sometimes, i just don't get it. Why would people love to watch horror movie? They scare the hell out of me for sure, even Supernatural will do the job.

BUT, i did get the so-called "excitement" from Fringe.

I guess this is what those horror-movie lovers are going for, right? the thrill.

and...............they almost kissed!!
Peter is from another universe, so the Peter from this universe is dead and the dorky Walter is pulling this Peter from there loh...? Wow, this is what human are able to do as nothing is impossible when comes with human. Freaking anticipating the next episode!

oh, little on the k-pop stuff.
Brian Joo is doing his single "In my head" originally from Jason Derulo. He is a bit cute, a bit lah....
2NE1's new MV "Try to follow me" is a bit too flashy for me, hmm...still good though.


Monday, March 8, 2010


就在这个韩剧“原来是美男啊”/ “미남이 시네요"的烧快要褪的时候,竟然给我发现这个...

너 때문에 나의 심장을 두근두근어요, 이감정이 옳지 않아요...



Thursday, March 4, 2010

During my Biostastistic Test 2....

During my Biostatistic test 2.....wind blow....creepy.....cold.....
it made me feel im going to die this time....for real.....
im dying for this.....=S

I guess this is the end for my long, my "dearest subject"...

By the way, You're Beautiful 미남이 시네요 in my collection now!!!

After Inuyasha anime, im collecting Gintama now, hahhahha!
The Mentalist really blow off my mind. i like everyone in the series <3>The cocky Jane, the attractive boss Lisbon, the cool and cute Cho, the shy Risgby and the lovely Van Pelt, hehehe....

.::K-pop Box::.
Latest K-pop trend: Kara "Lupin" ; T-ara "너 때문에 미쳐"
New release K-pop MV: D-NA "
동경소년" ; Beast "Shock"
My current fav: One Way "Magic"

Monday, March 1, 2010

Broken necklace

It just putus like that. When i tried to adjust my pendant.

I think it's the right time, freed me from the shackles.

I'm terribly sick at this time, subconsciously doing the thing i loved to do for the whole time and doing them unconsciously.

Now, i'm back. The one with nothing on her neck and wrist.

I'm not going to find the new necklace nor pendant for now as i just taste the sweetness of freedom.

Until then, the broken necklace will be placed in my collection, till the next rule comes in.

How sad it is. Just when i realize i am imagining things. Things that shouldn't be real at all.