Thursday, July 7, 2011

bersihkan lab mouse life

If you got my facebook, sure you'll know i've been updating the BERSIH latest news lately.
Why? I'm not actually interested in what they're doing but i'm seriously don't like how the government treat its nation, like we are some kind of puppet.
People wants peace, wants improvement, wants democracy, wants transparency. It is something too much for us to ask for?
Media, man power, money, system, EVERYTHING are in their hands and shape us whatever they like us to be.
We've been resilient, tolerant, obedient, mouth-shutting for how many years? Most of the people don't understand what is happening around us cause we choose to shut our eyes, our ears, our mouth up and pray for the "justice" or "equal".
If all of us are satisfied, why we react so grateful and happy when "equal" and "fair" are shown in our daily life?
I am not confident in Malaysia. Yes, this is my country. I love it. I love everyone, I enjoy being a Malaysian, mixing around, experiencing different culture and different food, but hey, are you trusting Malaysia's education system? political system? or should I ask "are you confident with our own systems?"
Huhh...sorry for all the craps.

Lab mouse chapter.
Yes. I am officially a lab mouse right now. Believe me or not, i am a lazy bum. You push me, then I will move a step.
You put a lot of pressure on me, I will move a mile away. 
That is what happened for me in these recent 2 weeks.
My boss went to Germany for the Nobel laureates something something and my ladies boss went Hong Kong.
You would think that "Wah, so nice hor, got 2 weeks holiday leh!"
Sorry loh. My bosses sent me a very, absolutely, definitely clear message that they want to see some progression when they are back in Malaysia next Monday.

Before they left Malaysia, my ladies boss asked :[Kai Leng, have you read the papers I gave me last time?]
Guys, the last time is 2 months ago. 
I replied [Umm...i read them but i'm not really understand it....]
[Kai Leng, I've been listening to this answer for many weeks, what you've been doing?!]

and my boss sent me an email after he left Malaysia.
[You need to do following things......bla bla bla... Make sure you get all the information in hand by 11 July 2011.]
I print screen and put it on my desktop to remind me the tasks I need to do before they are back.
So, am I still in vacation right now?
I picked up the coffee I quit one year ago and keep convincing myself that I AM MOTIVATED, NOT STRESSED! Hahahahahhaha! Anyway, I am truly enjoy my lab mouse life =) Cheers!


  1. Gambateh! Lab mouse will get freedom someday~

  2. of course, another 3 year, hahha!